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Consultancy Services

All companies at a point in time require outsourced expertise to enable them to expand or get better value for money. Here at Gella Electrolex our consultants assists  clients with gaining value on the purchase of materials for construction and equipments for installation. Our engineers also provide valuable help when more than one equipment supplier seems to be giving conflicting information and an independent viewpoint is required. We do conceptual to constructional electrical and civil engineering designs, project management, fault analysis, site inspection and supervision, commissioning and reporting.

We provide consultancy when one is in a mix about the type of electrical solution to choose and how to implement it and we are here to help you make that choice,  giving all the implication of the choice you make. At Gella we give our customers customized solutions and not standardized solutions

With qualified Technicians and our vast experience in troubleshooting and problem solving, Gella’s electrical sector believes in the “once and for all” system rather than the “trial and error” system.

For companies who wont us to oversee their electrical works we are ever ready to give the best supervision making sure that their electrical works conform to standards and delivered on time. We take care of the planning and managing your electrical projects.

Companies and Individuals who seek maintenance should look no further. With good record of maintenance of plants for companies like Transworld, and Newont Ghana LTD.We are commited in giving our clients good evaluation and provide the right maintenance schedule required. With Gella you have the assurance that you are in the right hands.

When you receive electrical machinery we ore available to ascertain whether your received machinery is in good condition. This provides clients with a service that enables them to do away with faulty products to prevent future loses.