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Industrial Services

Gella Industrial Services mainly undertake electrical installations and power transmissions,  when it comes to installation of Transformers and Lines, Pole mounting, three phase installations and upgrading of electrical systems, we are the people to call on.

With expertise in power supply we are capable of supplying power even to the remotest areas. As part of power supply we mount both wooden and metal poles. We also swing Copper, Aluminium other cables so well that even laymen can tell that a good job has been done. We are also capable of devising ways to supply power to crucial areas os well as provision of street lighting in cities, towns and villages.

Gella’s electrical engineers have the practical know how of installing delicate industrial machinery such us transformers of any KvA both pole mounted and ground mounted. Aside transformers, installation of Heavy duty generators, installation and maintenance of Plants are no problem at all to us.

As we move on in life things around us also must be improved. Many real’ze this and thus desire to improve their systems, and we are there for that purpose. With good history in upgrading electrical systems we know we can undertake any electrical upgrade.

Here at Gella we also do Installation of devices that work on three phase systems that is Ventilators, Motors, Automatic changeovers, pumps etc.